Speed Up My Computer, Why?


Because there is nearly a 95% chance that your computer is being slowed down right now because of unknown and uncorrected errors!


If not maintained and managed properly, your PC's performance can diminish significantly. This can mean long waits while it starts up, general slowness, freezing and even the Blue Screen of Death. Every time you use your computer changes are made in the Windows Database. This causes the database, which stores crucial data for your PC's operation, to expand and could lead to instability over time.


Operations such as uninstalling programs could leave useless keys in the database. Your anti-virus and spyware solution will clean up infections but entries in the database will likely be left behind. In short, the Windows Database can become a bloated mess. SpeedyComputer can thoroughly clean it up – and fast!


We can help Stop Windows, Crashes Freezes and other "Strange" Windows Behavior !


  • Fix, Repair & Solve Most Computer / PC Speed & Performance Problems.
  • Fix Slow Computer Start Ups & Shut Downs
  • Repair / Fix DLL Errors
  • Repair / Fix EXE Errors
  • Repair / Fix Active X Errors
  • Repair / Fix Windows Hardware Driver Errors
  • Repair / Fix Internet Explorer Problems
  • Repar / Fix Windows Crashes & Blue Screen Of Death
  • Repair / Fix Windows Uninstall Errors
  • Repair / Fix Windows Runtime Errors
  • Repair / Fix Windows Registry Errors
  • Repair / Fix Windows Program Errors
  • Fix / Repair Windows Shortcuts & Invaild Paths

  • Clean Up Your Windows Desktop
  • Repairs & Fixes Most Common Windows Errors


SpeedyComputer May Also:


  • Improve speed and performance through comprehensive cleaning of the Windows Database
  • Clean your whole system or search for specific problem areas. You are in control
  • Use its Tuner to manage what programs launch at Startup and what appears on your Taskbar
  • Let you pick, with its scheduler, convenient automatic scan and clean times. Set it and forget it
  • Makes it easy to start with a handy System Tray icon. It also shows the status of the current scan and the number of errors ready for cleaning
  • Allow you to restore your computer to a safe, workable state with its convenient Backup feature
  • Stop Asking Should I Speed Up My Computer, Just Try It!
System Requirements
  • 15 MB free hard disk space is needed for the installation.
  • Microsoft IE 6.0 and above
    The following Windows versions are supported:
  • Windows® 8  
  • Windows® 7 
  • Windows® Vista®
  • Windows® XP
  • Windows® ME 
  • Windows® 2000 
  • Windows® 98SE